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Change your mind – change your life.

Over 20 years' experience in Hypnosis Therapy

The benefits of experience are universal across many walks of Life and Hypnotherapy is no exception. Jill offers Hypnosis Therapy in Herts, London and Derbyshire.


Jill has amassed a wealth of knowledge from her Hypnotherapy practice In Hertfordshire over a 20 year period, so  that you can be assured you are in good hands when you come to see her.    She offers a Free Initial Consultation over the phone.



Jill's Qualifications
Helping You Make Changes in Your Life.

How can Jill help?

Experience has shown that people don’t always really know why they feel the way they do.   Sometimes they encounter symptoms that are seemingly unexplained.   Stress and Anxiety are common issues that many people will face in their lifetime.  These can often be combined with Sleep issues and can be symptomatic of relationship issues.   Stress, fears and panic attacks can often be traced back to things in the past as can over-eating and lack of confidence.

Jill will  equip you with tools and techniques to resolve issues that may have started much earlier in life, which may not be immediately apparent in your current situation.

Life’s early negative events / interactions with others can sometimes emerge as patterns of behaviour in middle life ( or earlier ) and can occasionally lead to unexplained symptoms and habits.    Jill will explain how all of the above is linked together.  Using Hypnotherapy, she will work with you to identify underlying issues and bring them to closure.  

Below you will see the sort of things Jill will want to discuss with you,  in order to find out what might be causing a particular problem.  She will then take you through some tools and techniques to help you.

For clients with simple issues, two visits may be be enough to resolve a situation.   For people with complex situations, more may be needed.

If you are interested in understanding more about hypnotherapy and hyppnosis  in Herts, give Jill a call by clicking on the button below.



Fears / Phobias

Panic attacks

Anxiety and Sleep Problems

Confidence Issues

Relationship Problems

Exams or Tests

Work related issues

Weight Loss

Your History

Jill will want to know about you and what happened in your early life as this has a huge effect later in life.  Current issues  often turn out to be based on events from earlier in life.

Making changes in your Life

 Based on your history,  we work together to find solutions to patterns of behaviour that are contributing to your current issues / problems / behaviours.

Tools to Help you

Jill will use a blend of tools and techniques ( see Jill’s qualifications ) to help you achieve your goals.


To assist in your therapy, Jill will ask you to listen to a simple guided meditation before bedtime in between each visit.

Hypnosis &  Hypnotherapy?
Who is it For?

Hynotherapy is for anyone.   Jill has worked with clients from all walks of life – pilots, factory workers, cab drivers, judges, surgeons, shop workers,  teachers,  students, musicians and more.   There is some considerable science behind how hypnotherapy works – Jill will be happy to talk you through how it could work for you.  


Can you make me do or say anything that I don't want to?
Contrary to what some people might think, a therapeutic hypnotherapist will never be able to make you do anything that you don’t want to.
Are you sure it would work for me?

Many people who are concerned that it won’t work, turn out to be in fact extremely good at hypnosis.   The vast majority of  people are receptive and many are highly responsive. 

Is it like I've seen on the Television?

Stage hypnosis is completely different and actually bears little in common with therapeutic hypnotherapy.

How do I know I can work with a Hypnotherapist?

Jill has been working in this field for over 20 years and her success rate of helping people is exceptionally high.   She has trained in many different areas and so has a large number of different techniques for differing personalities.

What should I do next?

Usually a telephone call with Jill will help you to decide whether or not you feel that working with her will be right for you. 

Jill Harvey - Hypnotherapist

Jill Harvey has been successfully helping people change their lives for the better for over 20 years from her practices in Welwyn Garden City, Herts and Belper, Derbyshire.   She is qualified in many areas including  ( see ‘more information’ for full details ) 

  • Fellow of The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Diploma from The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Accredited Member of The National Register of Psychotherapists & Counsellors

Clients have come from across most of Hertfordshire, Derbyshire , London and beyond to see Jill.   If  you are looking for help with hypnotherapy in Herts, give Jill a call for a free initial discussion.


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Hypnotherapy with Jill Harvey in Herts, Derbyshire and London 

Jill is used to talking to people who have never been to a hypnotherapist and will be happy to help you understand what happens when you visit.

Over a 20 year period, she has seen almost every type of problem that caused people issues in either their personal or professional lives.

She will be able to talk you through what to expect and to give you an idea how long it might take for a given circumstance.

Relationship issues, stress and anxiety can all be effectively treated with hypnotherapy.


Want to know more about Hynotherapy or how a Hynotherapist can help?

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Travelling to Jill's hypnotherapy practice in Hertfordshire or Derbyshire?

Jill is easily found in a quiet location not far from John Lewis in Welwyn Garden City.   There are regular fast trains from Kings Cross which take approx 20 minutes.   Jill also works out of her practice in Belper in Derbyshire.   Belper is 15 minutes north of Derby and has good rail links to Derby, Nottingham and surrounding areas.

Call Jill for more information on 07776 216759

Jill Harvey Advanced Hypnotherapist

Welwyn Garden Hypnotherapy Practice

The Welwyn Garden Practice is a 10 minute walk from the Mainline station and 8 minutes from John Lewis.    There is parking available at the practice.


16 Youngs Rise

Welwyn Garden City


Jill Harvey Belper Practice

Belper Hypnotherapy Practice

The Belper Practice is situated just of the Market place and is served by both buses and trains.   There is free parking on the market square car park.


8 High Pavement 


DE56 1GD