As the summer draws in each year, I always notice that my phone starts to become busier.

For many, the summer provides a distraction for some of the day to day issues that can cause problems in their lives.

As a hypotherapist for many years, I have seen this pattern each year, and each year new people come through my door in the winter to see how hypnotherapy can work for them.    

Over the summer I also like to have a break and to refresh myself – mainly at the coast with my husband and the dog.

Returning refreshed in the autumn, I am ready to help people with issues that they may be facing in their lives.

I always recommend people give me a call rather than reading through lots of material on websites.   I can tell you more in half an hour than you are likely to pick up in 5 hours of reading about hypnotherapy.

Like most subject matters, experience counts for an aweful lot.   I can almost guarentee that whatever issue you are facing,  I will have dealt with someone else who has faced similar.    With this knowledge I can start to help you understand how hypnotherapy can work for your particular circumstances.


Most of my clients come as recommendations from their friends and have some understanding of how I work.  If you don’t about my work and would like to know more – give me a call for a no cost discussion.


At the end of the day, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose from a short call and it could be the beginning of a new life!