Many people come to see me with poor self esteem.   It can be at the root of many of our problems in life.   As ever the beginnings of poor esteem can start in childhood.   Further criticism in later life can make the situation much worse.


This book by Gael Lindenfield will help you understand how the brain works at a very high level.   In turn you will begin to see why you are facing the issues that give you difficulty.    As in most things, you are not born with this condition – it is not genetic.   As such it can also be ‘undone’ and you can start to build your self esteem in easy steps.


I like this book as it gives lots of simple examples and is an easy read


Hypnotherapy is very effective with Low Self Esteem and I have a significant amount of experience in working in the area.   Call me on 01707 332809 or 07776 216759 if you would like to discuss discuss further.