The first thing people usually ask me is how effective is hypnotherapy and weight loss – the short answer is that it can be very effective.  I have seen people make very significant changes in their lives simply by helping them to understand what is causing them to eat more than they need.   

We derive pleasure from food from a very early age.   Children’s Parties, Treats, Weddings and ‘going out’ as examples.   These events generally always are ‘feel good’ events and often involve food.   From an early age we associate ‘feeling good’ with eating.

At times in our lives when things are often not going so well, it is common to want to do things that make us feel better.   Sometimes this is consciously and sometimes unconsciously.     For example, when things go badly wrong such as losing a life partner, or a divorce – there can be a feeling of emptiness and a desire to eat to remove that anxious feeling.   It isn’t the food that makes us feel good.  It is the brain pattern matching back to things we did often as children that made us feel good – and for most people that is eating food!


I work with people using hypnotherapy  to help them remove those feelings in the first place so that there is no need use food as a substitute.    Additionally I help people understand the need to learn more about the food types they are consuming.   Some foods are highly calorific whilst looking ‘innocent’.    Salad dressings are the worst!   It is possible to have interesting meals that are super tasty without blowing the calory bank.

Hypnotherapy and weight loss are no different to Hypnotherapy and other issues.   It is Hypnotherapy that is the common thread.   Hypnotherapy and fear of flying or of spiders,  Hypnotherapy and anxiety or stress.   It is the use of Neuro – Linguistic Programming that can be used to help us ‘reset’ our thinking.

In my experience, most people can make very significant changes to their weight once they understand a little more about how the Human mind works.  By removing negative associations to events and situations, the need to over eat can be removed leaving you free to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!


For more information about how Hypnotherapy can help you with weight control, give me a call to discuss in confidence.